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Products Responsibility

As a basic producer and complete solution provider for all kinds of crop protection products, we develop and manufacture in a responsible way, ensuring that our products and production processes comply with the strictest quality standards.

• Meeting FAO standards, and also try the best to meet customer’s special quality requirements.
• Providing customers with safer, more eco-friendly and easier-to-use products.
• Providing customers with long-term, stable and sustainable products and services.


We regard human resources as the most valuable and reliable asset of the company.
We respect and safeguard the interests of employees and establish a sound and competitive remuneration system.
We care about the employees’ occupational development, place a heavy emphasis on staff training and staff incentives.
We care for safety and health of all employees, configure production area with improved safety and health facilities and organize free medical examinations for all staff annually.


We believe that a harmonious, caring and stable community is very important to a company and can create a strong base for our activities.
We actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and donate for poverty alleviation, education, culture and charity in various forms every year.
We care about local farmers’ harvest, and freely provide suitable products and professional service to nearby farmers who are in financial difficulties


We always commit to be an eco-friendly enterprise. We combine the power of science and technology with the “human element” to develop innovative agrochemical products for a more sustainable world. In 2008, we obtained certification of ISO14001:2015.

• Focus on development of greener and more sustainable products.
• Minimize our own environmental impact while delivering products, which helps our customers and the rest of society todo the same.
• Conduct our business activities without adverse impact on our neighbors or the community and continually improve ourproducts and processes.
• Contribute to community success in sustainable ways.