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About Rainbow

Rainbow Agro is a global leading crop protection company

We are a leading crop protection company that produces, distributes and markets crop protection products. With presence in more than 100 countries in the 5 continents, we face challenge due to the unique of each place, this force us to provide specific solutions for each customer, whether they are industrial companies, dealers, or farmers.

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    No. 1 in China's

  • NO.11

    NO.11 in global‘s

  • $ 1.63 BN
    $ 1.63 BN

    US$ 1.63 Billion
    Annual Turnover

  • 100+

    100+ Countries

Rainbow Agro extensive global presence

Rainbow Agro extensive global presence

Core Competitiveness

Complete industrial chain

Keen insight into market trends to avoid the investment in R&D and manufacturing blindly.
Harvest from the whole industrial chain including Technical synthesis, formulation, branding, Sales Channel(From Factory to Field).
Based on a deep understanding of the whole process with "Light Structure, Fast response", calmly deal with major market fluctuation risks.

Unique business model

Building an open "Quick Market Access Platform" globally.
Combining the traditional export model with the overseas self-registration model.

A clear strategic plan that is firmly implemented

All staff focus on strategic planning and annual work plans to ensure the achievement of goals.
Persisting in doing the difficult but correct work; Moving towards the forefront of industrial value chain; Building a complete industrial chain.

Widely covered global marketing network

Strong global registration capabilities and experienced international market development team.
Having carried out businesses in more than 80 countries worldwide and continuing to accelerate the improvement of the global marketing network.

Advanced manufacturing supported by R&D

Advanced Manufacturing on more important Active ingredients.
Differentiated formulation development focus to solve important pain points from end user market.

Professional and dedicated international core team

Publicity and implementation of vision, mission and core values to ensure cultural identity and consistency.
Continuing to optimize positions, remuneration, performance, and training systems to build a talent echelon.