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Rainbow Celebrated 20th Anniversary


On October 10, Rainbow celebrated their 20th anniversary. Employees from all business lines came together for "All About Growing" event to celebrate Rainbow's 20th birthday. Colleagues from all over the world also sent in their greeting videos and shared the joyous day together.

In 2019, Rainbow had set their medium and long-term (5 years) strategic plan, where the employees of Rainbow under the new image, new goal and new future will inherit the unified strategy, culture and work hard together to achieve the plan in the next 5 years. In the program of "I have an agreement with time", everyone wrote letters to themselves of four years later, looking forward to grow with the company. The letters will be unveil four years later during the company anniversary celebration.

In the awarding session, awards were given to those outstanding students, lecturers, instructors, participants in the cultural activities of the Division Celebration and outstanding employees who fight against the epidemic. Also, employees with 5, 10 and 15 years of service were invited to the stage as well to receive gold coins award as a token of appreciation for their contributions over the years.

During the speech session, Wicky also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to those who went against the challenges during the epidemic and to those who are still working on the front lines in overseas, calling on all employees to learn from their spirit of continuous striving. At the same time, he also mentioned the 20-year development history of the company and put forward high hopes for the development of the company.

For 20 years, Rainbow has always been linking with each other, never forget why they started and keep striving to realize the vision of "To be a Global Leading Crop Protection Company”.