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Rainbow Official Opening of the New Complex and R&D Building


On October 10, Rainbow had held a grand opening ceremony for their new R&D Complex building, which was the best way to celebrate their 20 years achievement.

The president of the company, Ms. Shen Jie, said that on the same day of 20 years ago, Rainbow was founded in Diaoshan Pingyin, with of the strong support of all partners along the way, a team of Rainbow-ers who continued to strive and overcome challenges together, that was how Rainbow went from an unknown small workshop to today ranking 11th in World Agrochemical Entreprises.

Mr. Pei Xubo, shareholder representative of the company, delivered a speech affirming the company performance - we reap what we sow, many said that success depends on luck, but Rainbow rely on capability and teamwork, we built Rainbow on solid work and we take a step by step out.

Subsequently, under the witness of the company's shareholder representatives, Chairman Wicky and President Ms. Shen Jie jointly unveiled the company’s plaque and together, all Rainbow employees released the balloon into the air. The relocation of the company not only improves the office internal and external environment, but also indicates the company's bright future development of prospects. Let us remember this moment and this land ---- From here, we grow together, and also from here, we embark on a new journey together!