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Rainbow obtained the patent for 2, 4-D WG


Rainbow obtained one more new patent. SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office) just granted Rainbow the approval for patent of “A formulating method for 2, 4-D Salt WG” (Patent No. 201210016942X, Authorization Certificate No. 2013051610077826).

This patent developed the formulating method of 2, 4-D WG, which is simpler and Eco-friendly. There is no involvement of hazardous chemical substance such as organic solvent, no discharge of the waste water and no generation of dust. The process fully reflects the production aim of Rainbow: safer, greener and cleaner. The final product is highly concentrated, reach up to 96% calculated by salt. It greatly decreases the cost of packaging, transportation and storage. Besides, this WG formulation also solve the problems encountered by other formulations such as the EC, which will probably cause pollution, the SL which tend to drift in the field, and other formulations which are likely to delaminate, decompose, precipitate or crystallize after long time storage. 

With the advantages of Eco-friendly production, high concentrated, low-cost transportation and storage, and convenient usage, this new formulation also improved a lot for the compatibility mixed with other main herbicides such as Glyphosate and Dicamba, Atrazine... 2,4-D WG shows its strong advantage and competitiveness in market.