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Rainbow Spain Sarabia held its 2023 annual conference


Rainbow Spain Sarabia held its 2023 annual conference in Lleida, Spain, with over 40 participants, including Sarabia's sales team, factory team, and operations team.

In 2023, Rainbow Spain Sarabia subsidiaries surpassed expectations due to the Sarabia team's unwavering efforts. Thanks to clear and steadfast strategic planning, the Rainbow brand gained local recognition and significant growth despite the EU industry decline.

Rainbow Agro will continue to focus on its strategic priorities, investing in product registration in the EU market. Rainbow Agro is also working on building a strong and efficient EU registration team that blends Eastern and Western strengths, as well as the Sarabia Spanish TO C team, aiming to make Sarabia a trailblazer in business development and cultivation within the EU region.