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Rainbow Indonesia Held a 4-day 2024 Business Kick-Off Meeting


Rainbow Indonesia held a 4-day 2024 business kick-off meeting at Harris Hotel in Bandung, West Java Province.

Indonesia is a large and promising market, with over 300 pesticide companies selling their brands, and the top 10 companies occupying nearly 70% of the market share. Rainbow Agro Indonesia has been in operation for a year and a half, with more than 50 employees in finance, sales, marketing, logistics, and human resources.  With the continuous adjustment of team members, the annual sales exceed expectations. 

In 2024, Rainbow Agro aims to achieve $5 million. "Do the Right Thing, Even if it’s Hard", we will carry out our business strategy in line with the value propositions of Quality at Convenient Price, Portfolio Strength, and Delivery Guarantee, We are committed to becoming a major player in the Indonesian market and are confident in our future.

Indonesia's scattered regions and thousands of islands provide a unique opportunity for sales elites from across the country to come together for team-building activities. 

The Rainbow Indonesia team is committed to contributing to Rainbow's vision of Being a Global Leading Crop Protection Company with a fuller spirit and higher fighting spirit. Rainbow, all about growing.