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  • AMINESPRAY HERBAKING - 2,4-D Amine Salt 720g/L SL

    ​Aminespray / Herbaking is a selective systemic and post emergent herbicide for the control of broad leaved weed in maize, rice and plantation crops like Oil Palm, sugar cane.

  • ATRAKING - Atrazine 500g/L SC

    Atraking 500SC a selective systemic triazine herbicide used to control broadleaf and grassy weeds in corn, sorghum, sugarcane, pineapple and other crops, and in conifer reforestation planting. It is also used as a non-selective herbicide on non-cropped industrial lands and on fallow lands. Pre-plant surface-applied, Pre-plant Incorporated or Preemergence (or Post-emergence).

  • ATRAKING REZIM - Atrazine 80% WP

    Atrazine a selective and systemic herbicide to control broadleaved annual weeds and grasses on crop field such as Pineapple, Maize, Sorghum, Sugarcane and Yam. Pre-plant Surface-Applied, Pre-plant Incorporated, or Pre-emergence (or Post-emergence)

  • BISONRICE - Bispyribac Sodium 400g/L SC

    Bisonrice 400SC is a post-emergent selective and systemic herbicide to control broad leaved annual weeds and grasses in rice fields. Post-emergency rice herbicide highly effective against broadleaves, aquatics and grasses including resistant biotypes.

  • BYLOR - Butachlor 500g/L EC

    Bylor is a pre-emergence herbicide for the control of annual grasses and certain broad-leaved weeds in rice, both seeded and transplanted. It shows selectivity in barley, cotton, peanuts, sugarcane, carrot, cabbage and rice crops.

  • CARITEK - Diuron 80% WP

    Caritek 80 WP is a wettable powder systemic substituted phenylurea herbicide mixed with water and applied for control of many annual and perennial grasses and herbaceous weeds and for the control of algae and aquatic weeds in ponds and dugout.

  • FENFEN - Oxyfluorfen 240g/L EC

    FENFEN 240 EC is a systemic selective herbicide used for broad spectrum pre- and post-emergent of certain annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in Rice, Groundnut, Onions, Tobacco, Citrus, Cotton, in dormant tropical/sub-tropical crops such as Mango, Pawpaw. Brassica crops such as Cabbages, Cauliflower and also used in forestry applied either to a weed free soil or to seedling weeds at the 4-6 true leaf stage.

  • FORPINE - Bromacil 80% WP

    Forpine 80 WP is a broad spectrum, non-selective herbicide used to control a wide range of grasses and broadleaved weeds on non-crop and industrial sites and for selective weed control in pineapple.

  • GLYKING EDUODZI RIDOUT - Glyphosate 480g/L SL

    Glyphosate 480g/L SL is soluble liquid non-selective foliar applied systemic herbicide for the control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds.

  • GRAMOKING PARAKIN - Paraquat 276G/L SL

    Gramoking / Parakin is a contact non-selective herbicide of control of annual weeds, Perennial Grasses, Perennial broadleaves in fruit orchards (including citrus), Plantation crops (Bananas, Coffee, Oil Palms, Rubber etc.)

  • HALAXY - Haloxyfop-p-methyl 108g/L EC

    Halaxy is a selective systemic post-emergent herbicide which can be absorbed by the leave, stem and root of weeds, and translocate throughout the plant. It is widely used to control a wide range of annual and perennial grass weeds in broad-leaved crops, such as legume, cotton, pineapple, peanut and vegetables.

  • NICOKING - Nicosulfuron 40g/L OD

    Nicoking 40 OD is a oil dispensible selective postemergence herbicide used to control annual grass weeds including Setaria, Echinochloa, Digitaria, Panicum, Lolium, and Avena spp., broad-leaved weeds including Amaranthus spp. and Cruciferae, and perennials such as Sorghum halepense and Agropyron repens in maize.

  • PENDIPAX - Pendimethalin 400g/L EC

    ​Pendipax is a selective pre-emergent emulsifiable concentrate herbicide for the control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, as listed in sugarcane, cotton, groundnuts, kidney and field beans, sunflowers, soybeans, yam.

  • RICECARE SUPER - Penoxsulam 10g/L + Cyhalop-butyl 50g/L OD

    RICECARE SUPER is an oil dispensible systemic postemergence herbicides used for the selective control of grasses, broadleaf and sedge weeds in transplanted, dry drill-seeded, and water-seeded rice.

  • RICETOP - Propanil 360g/L + 2,4-D 200g/L EC

    Ricetop is a mixture of a contact herbicide with a systemic herbicide used as post-emergence in rice to control broadleaved weeds and grass weeds including Amaranthus retroflexus, Digitaria spp, Echinochloa spp, Panicum sp.