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  • Vision
    To be a Global Leading Crop Protection Company

    Our focus is on the crop protection market, and our commitment is to be a First Class Global leader in this segment.

  • Mission
    All About Growing

    We take improving agricultural productivity as our duty. With efficient and sustainable solutions, we carefully protect crops while caring for the environment. We strive to increase crop harvest yields, and work together with our employees, partners and farmers from all over the world, aiming mutual growth where everyone wins.

  • Values
    Customer OrientedRapid Response
    Constant EffortOpen and Inclusive
    Together We WorkTogether We Win

    Customer Oriented - We know and understand the main needs of our customers. We focus on thinking and designing specific solutions for each of their needs, thus maximizing the value generated for them.

    Rapid Response - Providing a rapid response to the needs of our customers and market changes are part of our work philosophy. This agility allows us to grow steadily with our customers even in the ever-challenging international markets.

    Constant Effort - Working with effort and seeking to learn continuously are part of our cultural heritage, in which we leverage to face challenges, to keep going forward with confidence, and to build relationships of trust and respect with our customers.

    Open and Inclusive - Having an open and inclusive mind to different cultures and ideas, are our mayor source of innovation and steady growth.

    Together We Work - Teamwork helps us to enhance cross-cultural cooperation, to break down walls between departments, and to improve operational efficiency. Our achievements rely on the cooperative spirit and joint efforts of all our employees.

    Together We Win - The continuous growth of Rainbow is based on the joint efforts of all our employees and strong support from our global partners. Because of this, we are very grateful and anxious to share our achievements with them.