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Rainbow Ghana - Various Marketing Activities to Promote Peak Season Business


Rainbow Ghana started business in 2015. During the past 9 years, Rainbow Ghana's business has kept growing. According to Jan to Apr 2023 Ghana import data, Rainbow is the second largest importer in Ghana.

Since Q4 of 2022, Rainbow Headquarters provided market forecasts of the agrochemicals industry, and guidelines to reduce inventory in subsidiaries. Rainbow Ghana team quickly responded with fast sales process and reduced inventory. The period of May to Jun is currently agrochemical peak season in Ghana, Rainbow Ghana is doing various marketing activities to further promote the business.

Farmers Training:

Rainbow Ghana holds a variety of farmers' meetings every week during the peak season. The team can train hundreds of farmers weekly and over 10,000 farmers yearly. The various training activities help the farmers to understand how to use Rainbow products and to adhere to precautions.

Customers Meeting:

Rainbow Ghana holds several customer meetings in different sales territories on a yearly basis. The meetings are to reward good customers and to introduce new products. The team also trains over 500 agrochemical dealers directly in shops to show Rainbow products advantages to farmers.

Rainbow Crop Clinic:

There are 65 well-trained Crop Doctors nationwide to help farmers solve the field issues. The clinic also collects farmers' feedback to improve product efficiency and packaging.

Field Demonstration:

In 2023, Rainbow Ghana is conducting field demos in about 50 plots for 7 new products and 5 old product efficacy compare-trial tests. The activities are organized in collaboration with professional experimental organizations. The purpose is to show the actual performance effect of Rainbow products to farmers.

Customer Shop-branding:

In 2023, a total of 31 customer shops have been branded so far. Over 150 customers' shops were branded in the past few years. These branded shops further improve Rainbow's image exposure to farmers.

Shop Promotion:

To meet the characteristics of pesticide-intense sales on Market Days in some areas, RAGH will arrange sales personnel to promote sales in agrochemical shops directly from time to time. The team will also distribute some promotional items to farmers during Market Days, which is warmly welcomed by farmers.

Highway Billboards:

Since 2022, Rainbow Ghana set up 10 large-scale billboards at major transportation intersections and agrochemical markets. These billboards further enhanced Rainbow brand popularity.

Monthly Poster and Calendars:

At the beginning of every new month and on various festivals, Rainbow Ghana publishes Greetings Posters on social media. Rainbow Ghana also distributes thousands of calendars to customers and farmers every year. These marketing materials are a reflection of Rainbow's constant care to customers.

New Product Posters and Leaflets:

In 2023, over 4,000 different product posters are printed so far. The posters are pasted in the major pesticide stores and dealers' shops. There are also over 10,000 leaflets distributed to farmers through farmers' meetings every year.

Radio Advertisement and TV Propaganda:

Rainbow Ghana cooperates with dozens of the most popular radio stations to continuously publicize Rainbow products. Rainbow Ghana documentaries are aired from time to time on Ghana's main TV channels such as UTV, Adom TV, and other regional-based stations.

Social Donation Activities:

Rainbow Ghana keeps in mind of its social responsibility. Rainbow Ghana participates in Farmers Day donations every year and also joins several government programs to help agriculture growth. Rainbow Ghana makes huge donations of products and cash to support in the organization of the annual Farmers Day celebrations in Ghana.