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Rainbow Mexico Established New Office in Mexico City


Rainbow Mexico established new office in Mexico City recently. The new office location echoes the business office in Guadalajara, radiating the whole of Mexico.

The new building is located in the World Trade Center (WTC) which consist of 34-story high dimensionality, with a bird's-eye view of half the city to enjoy beautiful city scenery. Besides, the new office is just opposite to the Mexico Pesticide Registration Authority (Cofepris), which will definitely bring great convenience to deal with registration affairs.

The spacious and bright interior comes with modern office environment, with separate office areas, private meeting rooms, staff lounge areas, file storage cabinets, etc. The office is equipped with fast scanner and printer as standard, whereas the conference room is equipped with teleconferencing system, which ensures multi-threaded meetings and timely data output. There are also safe and comfortable apartments for our expatriate staff near the office.