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Rainbow Chemical obtained the patent for 2,4-D choline.


Rainbow Chemical obtained one more new patent, SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office) just granted Rainbow the approval for patent of “A formulating method for 2, 4-D choline”.

This patent developed the formulating method of 2, 4-D choline. The manufacture process is very Eco-friendly. The final product is stable, with less crystal, low volatility, much less drift and slight smell, also easily handle and tank mix, and more widely usage.

2,4-D choline is different from 2,4-D Amine Salt or Ester but has better weed control efficacy. Comparing to other formulations, 2,4-D choline can also control the hard-to-control weeds and the resistant weeds. It can be applied to and is suitable for GMO crops, and modern agriculture.