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Rainbow Brazil Held a Market and Commercial Training Conference


Recently, Rainbow Brazil held a three-day market and commercial training conference in Campinas, focusing on discussions about sales strategies, knowledge of new product launches, and operational support work. The conference centered on three main areas: sales skills training, a detailed introduction to products scheduled for launch in 2024, and training related to risk management, supply chain, IT support, etc. The goal was to improve the team's professional skills and market competitiveness comprehensively.

A well-known external agency conducted the first day's training, focusing on enhancing sales skills and effectively creating market demand. Through practical exercises and case analyses, participants learned how to understand customer needs better, establish trust and long-term relationships, and promote product sales through innovative sales strategies.

On the second day, the marketing team provided a detailed introduction to the marketing promotion plan for 2024 and related work arrangements. The marketing and product development teams introduced the new products scheduled for launch in 2024 (Rainbow Brazil obtained 24 registrations in 2023). This session covered the technical characteristics and selling points of the products and included how to translate these features into customer value and sales opportunities. By elaborating on the innovations of the products, the training aimed to enable the sales team to convey the advantages of the products to customers more accurately and confidently.

On the last day, regional sales managers introduced their regions' team building and sales situations and confirmed the annual sales targets. Subsequently, the company's risk control team, supply chain team, and IT team detailed “how to identify and manage potential risks during the sales process,” “how to ensure the efficiency and stability of the supply chain,” and “what new IT tools are available to support the achievement of goals in 2024”. This part of the training helped the sales team understand that in the sales process, it is essential to focus not only on sales skills and product knowledge but also on having an awareness of risk and a basic understanding of the supply chain.

The entire training conference not only strengthened the professional skills of the sales team but also enhanced teamwork and communication within the team. Through this concentrated training, the company demonstrated its emphasis on talent development and market competitiveness, laying a solid foundation for future success in the competitive market. With the basic completion of the construction of the sales and marketing teams and the further enrichment of the product portfolio, Rainbow is expected to achieve rapid growth in Brazil, helping to realize the company's vision.