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Rainbow Agro wraps up 2023 with over 1,100 new global registrations and over 6,000 in total


We secured 1,100 new global registrations, including 52 in China, 72 in Mexico, 27 in Brazil, 26 in the EU for both technical equivalence and product approvals, 24 in Australia, 22 in New Zealand, 33 in South Korea, 10 in Russia, 113 in India, 32 in Bangladesh, 12 in Vietnam, 14 in Philippine, 7 in Thailand, 20 in Kenya, 4 in Mali, and more.

We obtained registrations for the first time in countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Togo, Madagascar, and others.

We initiated the comprehensive registration efforts in the United States and Canadian markets ahead of schedule, This means we will complete the construction of its global “Quick Market Access Platform” within the next five years.

Also, in 2023, in line with its annual strategic plan updates, Rainbow Agro promptly commenced the registration process for its biostimulant product range across all major global markets. This move is a proactive step in expanding its business category.