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Rainbow Acquires Spanish Agrochemical Company Exclusivas Sarabia


Recently, Rainbow announced the acquisition of 100% stake in Spanish Agrochemical Company Exclusivas Sarabia S.A. in cash. After this transaction, Sarabia will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rainbow group.

Exclusivas Sarabia, S.A. was founded in 1985, develops, manufactures and distributes crop protection products. The company’s headquarters and warehouse are in Fraga Huesca, Spain, whereas the manufacturing facilities are located in Alpicat Lérida. Sarabia has a good brand reputation and marketing network in Spain and the surrounding counties.

The EU market is one of Rainbow's major markets in strategic plan. Since 2016, Rainbow has been investing in pesticide technical equivalences in EU, it has now obtained the equivalent identification of about 80 active substance, and more active substance.s are in progress. Now Rainbow's One Stop Technical Material Supply Platform for the EU market has been built and continuously enriched and improved.

“Rainbow will continuously invest in actives and finished products registrations in Europe benefits from the strong resource advantages, as we believe European market is essential for our strategic growth. The increased registration investment will bring in more products into Sarabia’s existing portfolio, benefit their customers, strengthen the position in the market and gain better returns. Through the acquisition, we will develop together with Sarabia, increase the marketing ability and promote more products to other European countries.” Rainbow president Mr. Wicky said, “This acquisition is intended to further improve our global marketing network, which is in line with the company's strategic planning and the interests of all shareholders.”

In this transaction, Rainbow hired Deloitte Management Consulting Company as financial advisers, and hired Jingtian Gongcheng Law Firm and ECIJA Law Firm as legal advisers.