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Rainbow Argentina celebration for moving to the new office


On November 11, 2022(ART), Rainbow Argentina held housewarming ceremony to celebrate moving to the new office. The new office, with an area of approximately 380 square meters, is conveniently located near the Obelisk, a famous landmark in the center of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is also an important business district.

“Rainbow’s team is one of the best teams in the industry, we have set a goal, but we are not just talking but trying to achieve this goal step by step” said by the Regional leader of Latin America Region,Alejandro.

“Let's raise a glass together to thank all the guests and partners for their support and help!” Darren, General Manager of Rainbow Argentina, said that the current achievements are benefited by company's clear and firm strategic planning, plus the teamwork and continuous struggle of whole team from both Argentina and China. We hope Rainbow Argentina will continue to make breakthroughs and improve its performance, helping Rainbow to achieve its vision as soon as possible.

Since its establishment, Rainbow Argentina has grown rapidly, and in 2021, Rainbow’s business turnover in Argentina already exceed $200 million.