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Rainbow Agro listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange


On 28th July, Rainbow Agro was officially listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. 

Stock Abbreviation 'RAINBOW CHEMICAL'

Stock Code '301035'.

A multinational crop protection company born in China, focusing on international market

Rainbow Agro specializes in the research and development, production and marketing of pesticide technicals and formulations, being capable of synthesizing various technicals and processing formulations covering herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Backed by its well-developed international business network, the company has established a complete business chain covering the research and manufacturing of pesticide technicals and formulations, supported by its brand image, distribution channel and services worldwide.

As a provincial high-tech enterprise, Rainbow Agro is proud of its experienced R&D team who are experts in many core crop protection technologies. In recent years, Rainbow Agro has adopted advanced techniques in the production of primary compounds and has conducted research and development on various formulations tailored to the meet the demands of the market, having developed several core technologies and unique production processes. Currently, the company as attained some 200 patents.

Rainbow Agro possesses four manufacture bases, which are located in Weifang, Qingdao, Ningxia and Argentina, having also established more than 50 overseas subsidiaries in over 70 countries. The company owns 3,082 pesticide registrations overseas, offering international customers various crop protection products and services.

Continued growth in sales enables performance increase

From 2015 to 2020, the sales revenue of Rainbow Agro increased from Yuan2.907 billion to Yuan7.299 billion, at a composite annual growth rate of 20.19%. The net profit attributable to parent company increased from Yuan179 million to Yuan438 million, at a composite annual growth rate of 19.52%. For five consecutive years, Rainbow Agro has been in the first place in China’s pesticide export ranking, in the third place in China’s pesticide sales ranking, and in the 11th place in the 2019 global agrochemical top 20 ranking.

Stick to doing difficult but correct work, moving towards forefront of industrial value chain

During its many years of business operations and development, Rainbow Agro has gradually formed its unique “fast market access” marketing pattern, which is based on proactively filing overseas registrations for crop protection products to create advance reserves. The company utilizes the method of independent registration, in conjunction with its traditional export model, allowing for flexible changes to its market role and supporting the sustainable and stable development of its businesses. As a result, an extensive and widespread international marketing network was established. Relying on its strength in international registration and its experienced international market team, Rainbow Agro established more than 50 overseas subsidiaries, as well as business relationships with over 70 countries. It also owns more than 3,000 registrations worldwide.

China is the largest pesticide production and exportation country in the world, where, in recent years, the pesticide industry has been advancing towards consolidation, intensification and scale-up operations. Chinese pesticide enterprises must overcome their constrained simple manufacturing systems and participate in brand competition in the global agricultural industry.

Regarding future development, Rainbow Agro stressed that it will stick to doing difficult but correct work, moving towards the forefront of the industrial value chain, which will be the basis of drafting and implementation of its strategic plan. Rainbow Agro will utilize the opportunities created by the listing and make full use of the fundraising from the capital market, as well as increase its investment in advanced manufacturing based on research and innovation, further develop its global marketing network, and strive to lead the industrial value chain. The company’s employees are prepared to exert all their efforts to achieve the company’s vision, which is to be a leading international crop protection company.