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Rainbow Central America and the Caribbean Celebrated 20th Anniversary of Rainbow Agro


On December 18th, Rainbow Agrosciences Central America and the Caribbean celebrated the 20th anniversary of Rainbow Agro with their clients, and shared the first institutional video.

Due to the health situation that is being experienced worldwide, the event was held online, organized in Guatemala with the local team present. The objective of the event was to be able to share with clients and the work team the vision of Rainbow, the perspectives of 2021, as well as a brief reminder about our strategic plan 2019-2024, and interact with clients through awards.

During the event, employees with 5, 10, and 15 years of service were invited to the stage to receive an award as a symbol of appreciation for their contributions over the years.

The first institutional video seeks to show how it has been working with clients throughout these years, the commitment Rainbow have with them and with the work they do, the point of view of how the products and support from Rainbow have help them to grow even more, and to reflect our values and purpose of the company: To have Food for everyone. (The video was filmed in some Central American countries with the participation of clients, their crops and Rainbow staff.)

The event was directed by Ferdinand Groos CEO of Central America and the Caribbean who emphasized: "The current situation shows us that agriculture is the most dignified and noble occupation of humanity" and made it clear that Rainbow's commitment "We have to provide better solutions that provide greater productivity and profitability to our crops and businesses to produce more Food for all”