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  • About Rainbow

    We are a leading crop protection company that produces, distributes and markets agrochemicals. With presence in more than 60 countries in the 5 continents, we face challenge due to the unique of each place, this force us to provide specific solutions for each customer, whether they are industrial companies, dealers, or farmers.

    Our commitment with the development of our customers comes from the conviction that growing is to find value in each step of the agro productive chain. That is why we accompany each member in the process, intervening in key moments, articulating productive, commercial, and human skills. We combine the best of and international producing company with knowledge, dynamism, and the commitment of our local management ensuring quality in service and performance in each of the results.

    We understand everything about growing because we are a company that works for and about the growth of our customers.

    Rainbow, all about growing.

  • Rainbow Malaysia Milestones
    • In Nov 2015, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia was established and based in Kepong Industrial Park (KIP).

    • In May 2016, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia organized the first dealer trip to Shandong Weifang factory.

    • In Aug 2016, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia launched the HQ commitment logo "Assurance From The Origin" for market penetration and branding.

    • In Oct 2016, first batch of local dealers flew to Qingdao factory for study tour.

    • In Nov 2016, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia joined MCPA as active member.

    • In Aug 2017, collaboration with United Plantation (UP Berhad) on insecticides project was kick-started.

    • In Oct 2017, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia relocates its office to Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur at the same time the warehouse was moved to Rawang.

    • In March 2018, first group of Durian grower from Raub visited Weifang factory.

    • In May 2019, local dealers from Malaysia visited Ningxia factory.

    • In Dec 2019, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia held the first formulation seminar - "The Story of Formulation" in Kuala Lumpur with speaker from HQ formulation engineering team.

    • In Jan 2020, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia launched the revised vision mission of HQ.

    • In Feb 2020, promotion campaign was launched in conjunction with Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia 5th year anniversary.

    • In May 2020, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by donating USD $15,000 worth products to support the production of local growers during COVID-19 pandemic.

    • In July 2020, Agricultural Chemicals Malaysia (ACM) has been granted exclusivity on MAFINO 75WG.

    • In March 2021, Brightonmax (M) Sdn Bhd obtained products exclusivity from Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia.

    • In May 2021, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia rolled-out a branding project with local logistic company.

    • In July 2021, Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia again fulfilled their CSR by donating wheelchairs to the less fortunate during pandemic lockdown measures.

    • In Sept 2021, Rainbow product exclusivity distribution kick off  with G-Planter. 

    • In Dec 2021, website of Rainbow Agrosciences Malaysia was officially launched.

  • Rainbow Malaysia Organization Chart